Our Methodologies

Unlike most web design and consultancy businesses, we believe in long term working relationships. With the emphasis on training clients to be able to take over the maintenance and development of the solutions themselves, we encourage and enpower our clients to become self sufficient. Therefore virtually all our business comes from networking and recommendations through word of mouth.

How do we go about ensuring that we have a long term relationship with our customers? We follow a standard methodology that ensures that we understand our customers' expectations, budget and future plans.

This step involves defining why you are utilizing our services. That is, what goals do you wish to accomplish..

Once the analysis has been completed, we suggest you set goals to reach for each category you have defined in the analysis..

Now that the goals are defined, the website or custom solutions should be positioned. By this we imply that the following questions should be asked..

User Experience
This step of the process defines how each of the users will interact with the website.
Our suggestion is to create "storybooks" ..

This step takes all the information gathered and creates the website or solutions. This step usually answers the questions..

This step is generally a test of the items defined in the User Experience step. Feedback is provided to the implementers..

At this point in the process, the solution has been defined, developed, tested and fielded. This step is the "post-mortem" step..

We do realize that this process requires much more work than saying, "Just create a website or implement the solution!" In our opinion, however, following these steps will not only increase your profitability, but provide you with the ability to achieve recurring results.

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