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Our IT-related workshops are customized and tailored for IT & non-IT executives to achieve the art of leveraging on the latest technology.

Our unique training methodology has been very well received by all our participants who have given an excellent evaluation.

In addition, AXON can also arrange business seminars through which executives can learn more about the internet and the on-line opportunities. The emphasis is very much on how to encourage traffic flow and stimulate business in a "real world" environment.



Strategic Email Marketing Workshop
E-mail Marketing is a key element in projecting a professional image. Drafting a simple yet attractive e-mail would not require you to be IT savvy. Participants will learn the art of e-mail marketing by utilizing the latest technologies and tools in order to develop professional e-mail newsletters, marketing e-mails or other campaigns.
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Approach to E-commerce Workshop
This workshop covers all aspects of electronic commerce in Singapore. If you are planning to conduct business on-line, this workshop will provide you with all the information that will help you make the right decision. Moreover, you will learn how to deploy and manage transactions on-line.
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Managing the Website Workshop
This workshop is a MUST for non-IT executives who always wanted to update or maintain their website. Participants will be able to update their website for news, press and product releases... without any programming knowledge!
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Internet Power Basic Workshop
Participants will gain a higher level of competency and have an applied knowledge of the Internet and E-mail. They will be able to effectively use websites and e-mail to improve the way business is conducted.
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Internet Marketing Workshop
This intensive one-day Internet marketing workshop is designed to introduce the main concepts and principles of marketing on the Internet. It is designed for marketing professionals, web designers, and other personnel involved in website development, online marketing, and Internet marketing strategy.
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Virus Management Workshop
This Anti-Virus Workshop gives participants an opportunity to experiment with different kinds of anti-viruses and definitions. We provide a comprehensive introduction to viruses and anti-virus warfare, advanced look at the technology and other underlying issues. This workshop is continuously updated to reflect changes in viruses and anti-virus techniques.
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Small Office Home Office Networking
This workshop, aimed at small organizations, covers all aspects to build a network foundation and share internet, printers and files. The different topics cover the techniques and tools, which could be deployed without any massive expenditure of hardware purchases. After attending this workshop, you will be able to set up a network for less than S$800.
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Workshops Testimonials

Very good, very comprehensive skills and Amit is a good trainer

Stephan Weber
Managing Director,
Westfalia Separator (S. E. A) Pte Ltd

Amit is an excellent teacher and he has presented a complex subject in layman terms for "beginners" like me !
Tara Malwani
JAY GEE Enterprises Pte Ltd.

It gave me direct knowledge of what I need. Totally fulfilled my expectations. Well done. Simple, clean, well prepared.

Jean-Pierre Blanchet
Project Manager, Co-ordination Sopexa SEA

It exceeded my expectations. I left the workshop armed with sufficient knowledge that I can put to immediate use. Definitely worth the time and money. Thank you.

Devinder Ohri
Director of Sales
GC Nanda & Sons Travel

Beyond my expectation. Lecturer was most experienced and loaded with the information required.

Hwee Wen Yong
Marketing Manager
Glavermas Mirror Pte Ltd

I learnt so much more than what I wished to know.

June Lim
Finance & Admin Manager
PBA (S) Pte Ltd

Helps me to understand the importance of internet marketing and how I can improve the company website.

Sally Gan
Security Association Singapore

I found the Internet Marketing Workshop very useful. It offers many "tips" and concepts on what would be deemed to be good website.

Randolph Quek
Finance & IT Administrator
Hollandse Club

Upgraded new skills relevant to my job application. Lecturer was outstanding.

Rahim Kasbi
Marketing & Admin Officer
Singapore Dance Theatre Ltd

I like the trainer enthusiasm in sharing his knowledge and skills with us. Subjects are easy to understand and his patience to elaborate is greatly appreciated.
Tang Lai Ching
United Creations Pte Ltd

Very satisfied & Impressed. Learnt great deal of tools and softwares. Amit's resources are great and now I am able to be self-sufficient without being an IT person.

Victoria Lee
Asst PR Manager
Sennheser Electronics Asia

Amit is an excellent trainer ! Very patient and knowledgeable.

Tan Hui Shin
National University of Singapore

This course is made interesting with a lively presentation by the speaker and the hands-on pratice of the topics.

Vivian Wong
Ehi - Passiko Training Company Pte. Ltd

Amit is Knowledgable and competent trainer

Ho Chin Chin
Marketing Communication Officer.
Institute Of Technical Education

Interactive and interesting way of conducting the workshop. Enjoy it very much, very exiciting and exceed my expectation. Thanx

Sharon Tan
Admin Assistant
NTUC Childcare Co-operative Ltd.

Excellent courses. Very hands on. Straight to the point without any technical jargon

Ms. Jessica Tan
Asst. Vice President
United Overseas Bank Ltd.

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