Managed Cloud Services

Cloud computing is the ability to provision computing resources on demand allowing greater flexibility while reducing high upfront costs usually associated with traditional setup.

Cloud solutions offer secure and untethered access to resources from anywhere on demand from almost any internet connected device without the physical limitations of a traditional office and setup.

At Axon, we partner with our clients to work hand in hand to evaluate business requirements and draft solutions to best suit their business and budget requirements. Some of the cloud solutions offered by Axon are as follows:


Axon has partnered with Amazon Web Services AWS to offer the best in class cloud solutions tailored for business and hosting needs.

With AWS we can work with businesses to build scalable cloud servers that is optimised for individual business needs.

With organisations increasingly looking for solutions that allow employees to work remotely in a secure environment, cloud solutions become the top choice that offers both security and scalability while being very versatile allowing secure access to the work environment from anywhere.


Also known as Virtual Desktops, this service allows users to separate the work desktop from the physical machine allowing secured access to the work desktop from anywhere in the world without the risk of exposing the company data to insecure devices and networks.

The benefits of using cloud based virtual desktops is to allow the increase in productivity with instant access to work desktop anytime from anywhere.

There is no upfront cost of hardware ownership; the desktop can be created and deployed on demand within minutes rather than days with traditional setup.

The software and security of the desktop can be centrally managed, removing the additional cost of ownership and reducing the cost of maintenance.


Axon has partnered with Microsoft to offer Microsoft 365 products to clients that require cloud services to suit their business needs without the need to build an entire cloud based architecture. Under the Software as a Service (SaaS) model Axon can work with businesses to assess their operational requirements to tailor a solution. Whether is it to have cloud based emails, or for cloud based collaboration such as Sharepoint and Teams, or whether it is for MS Office applications we would be able to integrate these services and draft a plan to reduce downtime during data and email migration.


Businesses looking for a cloud based productivity suite like emails, document collaboration without much concern about software setup can turn to G Suite for increase in collaboration without the need for excessive configuration of desktop applications. With cloud based office suite document collaboration is available nearly instantly. With tight integration of emails sharing and collaboration can be done seamlessly.

Axon partners with Google to offer G Suite services to offer clients excellent cloud productivity solutions while also offering services to setup and integrate the services with businesses to make transition from traditional hosted services seamless. We work with businesses to plan migrations with minimum impact to operations due to downtime.


In an ever connected world and with an ever increasing threat to data security it is becoming ever more important to ensure data is backed up securely to the cloud in order to isolate it from local threats like ransomware, network attacks, and physical damage and failure of hardware components.

Axon works with businesses to assess their data contingency plans and work on solutions to provide cloud backup solutions.

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